The Story of Pupe & Cavalieri

"Life is an exciting book with many different chapters."

I come from a small region in southern Italy, from where I treasure marvelous childhood memories of family summer holidays, a sense of style and appropriateness in every occasion and a passion for beautiful, refined fabrics and laces.

I trained and worked in finance, in a busy, cosmopolitan environment, living between Milan and London, which gave me inspiration and, most of all, the courage and perseverance to pursue new ideas.

Since the birth of my children, I have always sought to ensure that they would be dressed comfortably and stylishly. In doing so, I was ultimately inspired to share my vision of luxury and wellbeing and that is when the idea of Pupe and Cavalieri was born.

A couture house for children, where every piece is carefully designed and crafted with passion and love, where knowledge and experience are combined to create the best outfit for any occasion and where a tailor-made service is available to meet specific requirements and create a unique piece to cherish.

Realising my idea has taken me home to an area of Italy internationally renowned for high quality manufacturing.

I believe Pupe & Cavalieri is the next chapter in my book. There is something charmingly nostalgic about where quality and grace meet with the new and cosmopolitan .  

I hope you will share my vision and enjoy feeling welcomed in my children’s couture house.


Tiziana Giannico

Tiziana Giannico