Get to know Pupe & Cavalieri a little better

Why Pupe & Cavalieri?

Pupe &  Cavalieri is a new fashion house for boys and girls, 0 to 10 years, creating exquisite clothing and knitwear , designed in London and exclusively made in Italy.

The name Pupe & Cavalieri, the Italian for "Dolls & Knights", reminds of the antique ceramics used in southern Italy to tell enchanting stories to children.

What is Pupe & Cavalieri’s style?

A world of precious fabrics, crispy cottons and elegant designs in a simple, classic colour palette. Timeless and gracious, our style always remains truthful to the romantic charm of childhood.

What are Pupe & cavalieri’s values?

Quality, craftsmanship, design and sustainability. A big challenge, indeed!

We believe in quality, which nowadays is synonymous of luxury. 

We source the best natural fabrics and high quality manufacturing to end up with a product which stands out for its classic, refined simplicity.

What are the highlights of Pupe & Cavalieri Spring/Summer collection?

Our Spring/Summer collection is inspired by the colours, scents and feelings of Mediterranean holidays.  Always trust an Italian!

For girls, we have created simple silhouettes in crisp piquet cottons and light taffeta’ textures; and for boys, smart, classic looks in fresh white and stripy cotton and linen.